Capsuling Monobloc


Astra – This is a compact machine for the distribution, application and spinning of capsules. Single-head models for output up to 9,000 bph or multi-head models for output up to 21,000 bph.  The rotary spinning turret is fitted with the new generation Robino & Galandrino heads (international patent)

Fenix – Automatic double head rotary monoblock complete with:  horizontal capsule magazine, automatic capsule distributor.  This double head system can change between thermal, spinning or pneumatic heads.  Output ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 bph.

Minibloc – Automatic single-head monoblock with a horizontal capsule magazine and automatic single-cup capsule distributor.  Shaft to accept interchangeable thermal, spinning or pneumatic heads. Output ranging from 1.300 to 3.000 bph.

Monostadio – Automatic rotary monoblock offering optimum synchronization of the capsule distribution and machine functions through an encoder.  Double head system suitable to accept interchangeable thermal, spinning or pneumatic heads.  Automatic bottle flow with automatic stop and start.  Output ranging from 3,000 to 25,000 bph.

Poker – This revolutionary machine is for the application of all types of capsules including heat shrink tin and polylaminate or sparkling wine in medium and high production facilities. The various types of capsules can be applied through a modular system (multi turret) that is engineered to provide superior results based on capsule material and type.

Superbloc – Compact capsule application machine complete with horizontal tray or long autonomy capsule magazine loadable from low level.  Mechanical pre-extraction of the capsules before ejection into dispensing cup, automatic capsule dispensing operation with angular movement for speeds up to 3000 b/h or with elliptical-rotary movement for speeds up to 8000 b/h

Zenith – automatic capsule distributor with single or multi-bell elliptical oscillating movement to transport the capsule from the magazine to the bottle.  Sparkling wine capsules are mechanically extracted from the magazine before entering the bell.  1 rotary carousel with pneumatic heads for forming the (4) pleats and 1 rotary carousel complete with pneumatic heads for the final crimping of the capsule.