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With more than 10 000 solutions operating in 81 countries, 5 000 clients and more than 3 billion labels applied each year, Cavagnino & Gatti is one of the leading manufacturers of self-adhesive and wet glue labelling machines worldwide.

We design and manufacture technologies with highly automated systems that are simple to use and that aim to reduce changeover times to a minimum. Our tailor-made solutions are adaptive and universal and can handle any material and format.

Optical Orientation (SFG)

Cavagnino & Gatti have simplified optical orientation, thanks to a tracking system capable of working on high-performance rotary machines. The tracking technology tracks the bottles during orientation, to then return to the original position and start the process again. In short, it’s a more efficient yet cost-effective system capable of handling more than 15 000 pieces per hour. In case of format change, the optical centering can be reprogrammed, changing the position and type of sensors.

Programmable Bottle Platform Rotation System (MP)

Our programmable bottle platform rotation system was designed entirely by Cavagnino & Gatti and it is the standard technology applicable to all our solutions.

Thanks to the MP system, each bottle platform is equipped with an electronically programmable motor, managed from a touch screen. In this manner, the path of the bottle can be split based on operational requirements, each one thus independent and customizable according to the type of application required, even for different container formats and special labels. The rotation is programmable, so as to cover any area of the surface to be labeled.

Easy Format Change

All Cavagnino & Gatti labelling machines are designed to make format change as simple and practical as possible. We have reduced the number of gluing segments by using a single component and by automating most of the technologies (bottle platforms, carousel height, positioning axes).

The results are the characteristics that distinguish our machines in the world: Ease of use, Operation versatility, Format changes can be managed by the operator, without the intervention of specialised technicians, Greater ergonomics, Reduced footprint and size.

Multi-format Star Wheels

This innovation means the inlet and outlet star wheels can be adjusted according to the size of the bottle to be labelled, thus enabling our machines to work any cylindrical bottle format.

Superior Automation Systems

Adjustment of the automatic carousel height
Premium technology that adjusts the level of the upper carousel unit according to the height of the container to be labelled. It is digitally programmable by PLC. It can be pre-set and recorded.

Automatic adjustment of the self-adhesive labelling unit axes
It’s our premium automation system for controlling label placement. It allows the operator to digitally record the axes of the adhesive labelling units and, in one click, select the adjustment from the PLC. Automatic servomotors bring the axes into position.


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