INNOTEC is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art solutions and specialize in the supply of automatic systems that ensure optimal control of critical phases throughout the production process.  INNOTEC’s product range includes Microfiltration plants, CIP Systems, in-line Carbonation / Dosing systems and equipment specific to beverage production processes in the wine, beer, alcoholic beverages, juices, water, soft-drinks and any other food liquid industry.

Every solution is tailor-made as the design and defined specifications of the equipment is according to the needs of the customer. From the meticulous internal design by a team of technical and software experts to the construction of the in-house plant, the attention to detail is maintained through ongoing interaction with the customer to clearly define all the requirements.

    The INNOTEC product range is complemented by:

    • Plants for strippig Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
    • Equipment for adding Carbon Dioxide (Carbonator)
    • Pipe Discharge System (PDS) for handling liquids
    • Heat exchangers and Pasteurizers
    • Product recovery systems with in-line re-dosing
    • Powder solubilization units and more

    A key feature of INNOTEC plants is the control through automation which then allows interconnection of the various plants present in a company. The aim is to improve productivity, minimize errors and reduce loss of production time, while also enabling the customer to track processes and report or strategize by analyzing historical data.   The drive to  protect the environment has  led INNOTEC  to design plants aimed at water recovery but also to reduce   consumption of energy and chemical additives wherever possible in the phases of cleaning and sanitization of plants, which then in turn will reduce the workload of operators and management  involved in the production process.


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